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The X1-PRO trainer is a tool designed specifically to help boxers increase the strength of their arms, particularly their wrists, tendons, and ligaments. As any experienced boxer knows, arm strength is often the difference between a powerful punch and a weak one. 

By doing push-ups on the X1-PRO trainer, while keeping their body balanced on two small pads (balancers), boxers can create a plyometric load on the muscles of their tendons and ligaments. This creates a sharp deceleration of body weight fall in an undefined direction, which causes explosive muscle tension in the striking arm muscles. This helps boxers develop the reflexes needed to quickly and accurately return their fist to the position where it is at the moment of impact with the target, making their punches stronger and more effective. 

The X1-PRO trainer places emphasis on the two knuckles of the hand, strengthening the impact bones of the boxer and leading to a significant increase in the strength of their punches. By working the stabilizer muscles, tendons, and ligaments of the wrist and forearm, the X1-PRO trainer can significantly increase the punching power of the boxer. Additionally, the X1-PRO trainer is also effective for increasing the endurance of the boxer’s arms. By strengthening the stabilizer muscles, tendons, and ligaments of the wrist and forearm, boxers can maintain a strong punch throughout the entire fight without experiencing fatigue. 

With regular use of the X1-PRO trainer, boxers can achieve the explosive power needed to deliver a crushing blow that penetrates deeply into the target, stifles the inertia of the blow, and achieves the coveted “light bulb shaking” knockout effect.  

Furthermore, using the X1-PRO trainer can also help prevent injuries that can weaken a boxer’s punch in the future. By strengthening the muscles, tendons, and ligaments of the hands and arms, boxers are better equipped to handle the high-impact nature of their sport, reducing the risk of injury and ensuring they can continue to deliver powerful punches for years to come. Therefore, the X1-PRO trainer not only increases the power and endurance of a boxer’s punch but also promotes long-term health and performance in the sport.

Complex 1: strengthening the muscles of the fist, wrist and arm in movement.

  • Grab the tool by the handle, placing it between your index and middle finger so that it covers the two impact bones.
  • Take the horizontal support on your fists. In this position, the support falls on the protruding balancer of the tool, located in the middle. Start doing push-ups, screwing the tool X1-PRO into the floor and trying to maintain your balance.

Complex 2: static strengthening of the muscles of the fist, wrist and arm.

  • Take a classic plank position. Fix the stand, leaning on the balancer, while screwing the tool into the floor, maintain balance.
  • Repeat the exercise in the middle plank  position with the shoulder blades together.

Complex 3: push-ups at an angle of fists to the floor, trains the muscles of the hand, tendons and ligaments of the wrist.

  • Use the tool for active training of tendons and ligaments. To do this, when doing push-ups, the support should not be made on the X1-PRO balancer, but on its surface in 4 different positions. The fists are at an angle to the floor. This type of training does not require screwing.

 Complex 4: strengthens the elbow tendon-ligamentous apparatus, chest and shoulder.

Place your arms as wide as possible, lean the inner part of the simulator and start pushing up, repeat the same thing with the lower part of the X1-PRO.

Simplified training:

To reduce the load and pain in the area of ​​impact bones for beginner fighters, we recommend doing push-ups with the tool X1-PRO in the kneeling position and without screwing.

Be sure to warm up before exercising. Pay special attention to the hands, elbows, shoulder joints, and the cervical and lumbar regions.


For maximum effect, maintain the body weight with the center of the balancer X1-PRO on the floor.

Use the simulator on a smooth and hard surface. It is strictly forbidden to screw the X1-PRO on rough surfaces such as asphalt or paving slabs to avoid grinding of the protruding balancer on the simulator.


X1 PRO – prepare your hands for a hard fight!


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